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Granado Espada


Episode 1: The Beginning of the World

Origin of the world The beginning of the world In the past only light and darkness. The two powers were formed into two gods: Deva, the god of light and Okuras, the god of darkness. The battle of the two takes place on Earth. But at the end of the last fight The God of Light successfully used the power to seal Okuras. But Deva’s power was lost and scattered to different places on Earth to maintain balance.

 Deva, God of Light

10000 years BC Everlasting darkness Man was born on earth. The “Hell of the Abyss” was born and received part of the power of human death. But humans are wicked and increasing day by day. Human vices have made the “Hell of Abyss” more and more powerful, eventually covering the world with darkness. But at the end of the last fight The God of Light successfully used the power to seal Okuras. But Deva’s power was lost and scattered to the rest of the world. 10000 BC Bretera, the life of the planet Bretera, the life of the star. Traveled to the world and began to live in peace The world after the battle of the god of light Deva and the god of darkness Okurus There were many disasters Britera used a human form and helped some people get into the spacecraft he used to travel from other planets. After a long battle finally ended, the Dark God was sealed. The god of light divided his energy into different places to maintain the balance of the world. Bretera has found a part of the power of the god of light. And intend to gather it so that the bad thing does not get this power

 Okuras, God of Darkness

10000 years BC God of stars People who were saved by Bretera Honored him to be like his savior The ship, called the Curitatiio Breitra, has summoned five of his own children to earth, but the Okuras’ seal is once again destroyed. From the evil of man Causing a war between darkness and mankind Bretera, loving this world so much, joined the fight with his children and was nicknamed the God of Star, The God of Star 8000 B.E. Up to 1 thousand years until finally The gods of stars are victors, but they cannot destroy the abyss of hell. Because if you do that, the world will lose its balance and die. Therefore made a covenant with the god of darkness, Okurus by dividing their duties The “Hell of the Abyss” takes care of the subterranean space and does not interfere with humans. As for the gods of the stars, it will be above to watch over the humans and guide them in the right direction. The god of stars has ruled the world. Humans gained knowledge from the gods of stars and created various civilizations. There is worship of a god of stars like God. The five children of Brainta were also called gods: 1. Charlotte Watcher of the Star 2. Orden Messenger of the Star 3. Layla Heart of the Star 4. Chloe Arbiter of the Star 5. Atlas, Guardian of the Star

 Noah, the Immortal Blessed Human

In 5000 B.C. Noah, time passed until a human child named Noah made a wish to The God of Star for himself to have power over others. If you can’t, it’s not a true God. Which is a very ten thousand view The god of the stars therefore thought to show humans that he had true power. By blessing that child, Noah was blessed to live immortality, not grow old, not die, to live with this world until the end of the world, or human beings who have passed through as a new God.

Noah was blessed and glad that he was immortal, not old, not dead. And went back to tell his family Time has passed So Noah felt that it was more of a curse. He was in a figure as a child, not growing up. Plus have to come and see the people around Old dies all the time. Noah began to lose her mind and traveled to the god of the stars. May this life be over. But the blessings that the god of stars gave cannot be wiped out. Noah is forbidden from entering the Temple of Curitatio Iglea, Noah’s sister. Therefore decided to go to the god of stars to pray for her brother But she disappeared. So Noah was enraged by the gods and set out to travel to other lands and began to establish his own power.

 Kazandra Homunkrus created by God

In 5000 BC, Leia, as part of Leia, traveled to the god of the stars. With her determination Made the god of stars astonished in this female human being God decided to put her in this temple. And vowed to find a way to erase the blessings given to her brother As time passed, the two began to love each other and have a baby together. Until the end of Leia, she begged the god of the stars to help her brother. The gods of the stars accepted Leia’s mouth. The god of stars has kept her body. And used her DNA to create Leia-like Homuncrus came up and named it Kazandra, the children of the star god Leia gave him a portion of their powers and earned him the nickname The Shaman of Humen.

5000 BC Cult of Strata Vista The gods of stars have ruled the human world for a long time. There are many servants of human beings. The Star God teaches his servants magic to represent the gods of stars in governing humans. Later, there was a human named “Strata Vista”, he was a very determined man and continued to serve the god of stars until he had learned all the magic from the star god But that was not enough, he wanted to be above the others. Strata Vista Have combined magic and experimented with themselves until the level of immortality The god of stars, with concern, taught to Strata Vista the importance of life. Don’t get lost in the power For fear of being like Noah, who later regretted immortality But Strata Vista To reject the teachings of the star god Because he thought that the star god was afraid that he would have more power He established a cult Strata Vista And intended to rebellion Knowing this, the Star God felt sorry for what mankind had done. Therefore abandons mankind and leaves Along with all 5 children, a son born of Leia

Episode 2: The war between gods and humans

5000 BC, the calamity of the gods After the Lord of the Stars left, there was great trouble all around. Human beings pray for the star god to return. Heart of the Star, Bretera’s daughter. Who loves a human being like his father has pity. She then contacted her father, the Star God, and begged to return to the human world again. Not long after receiving a message from my daughter. The god of the stars finally returned with the five children who were The Shaman of Humen, but when the gods of the stars returned to Earth at that age, only a few believers were left. Because most people return to respect Stata Vista is a deity instead. And cursed the God of Stars as a deceitful deity

God of stars Furiously, he accidentally used the remnants of the God of Light Deva. Causing various disasters, the Stratavista, unable to resist the power of the Star God, felt guilty and prayed to the Star God for what happened. The god of stars relieves his anger. But feel sorry for all the things human beings have done Though he loved mankind like this, he was betrayed over and over again. In addition, his power caused the world that was once loved to be destroyed by his own power.

The god of stars gathered power from the remnants of the God of Light Deva. It became the power of the five elements and used it to restore the world that was plagued by the plague, but due to the excessive power of the five elements, the star god passed power to the five children to hold in order to maintain the balance of the world by Divided into

1.Shalot, Watcher of the Star, Fire element

  1. Orden Messenger of the Star Wind Element

3.Laila Heart of the Star Heart element

  1. Chloe, Arbiter of the Star, Water element
  2. Atlas, Guardian of the Star, Earth Element

But there is a rule that prohibits the 5 children who have the power of gods Interfere with human beings can only watch the way in this world. That was because the gods of the stars decided that humans would rule this world, not intervene, and returned to the land of the stars. Before leaving, let the children born by Leia decide on their own path. That’s because half of these children are human beings. Meanwhile, the Star Vista group They healed the things left behind by the gods of stars and ruled over humans instead of the star gods. That is to hope that one day God will return.

 Messenger of the Star, god of wind, Orden 3000 BC Orden

Even though the Star God had left, the children of the 5 Star Gods set out to carry out the final task their father had ordered. That is, the overthrow of the 3 Demon Kings, formed by the Star God Pale using the power of the God of Light divided into

  • King of Fire Behemoth is defeated by Layla and the Argus Giant King Army.
  • King of the Streams managed by Chloe and Atlas.
  • The King of Thunder Sis is defeated by Charlotte and Orden.

However, despite the fact that it could destroy the Three Elemental Kings, the fragments were scattered into crystals of power. Which was later called the Three Kings or the Three Kingdoms (Based on the power of the wallocks, the characters in the game come from the power of the Three Kingdoms)

After the fight with 3 Elemental Kings Orden began to not understand what the god of the stars wanted. The humans whom the gods of the stars love and want to rule the world are greedy and corrupting the world. The power of the dark is increasing. He began to look at humans as something that was not deserved on this planet. But despite his objection, the other brothers seemed to ignore the orders of the Star God. When all duties were accomplished, the five elemental gods set out to hide themselves and watch over humans. Orden and Layla Let’s go on a journey together because they love each other. Layla wants to travel to human land because she wants to see the way of life of human beings. Which Orden did follow. Charlott returns to Curitatio to take care of the ship and the land of Arteria instead of the god of the sun.

But hundreds of years later Instead, Strata Vista forgot the teachings of God and did everything for his own power regardless of the way. “Orden” watched the humans who had forgotten the teachings of God. And decided that mankind is the cause of the world degradation If you leave it, the world will die. Decided to wipe out the human race from the world He set out to gather the power to defeat the humans.

2500 B.C.E. War of Orden

Various disasters began to occur on the world, causing people to fear the end of the world. But it was all caused by the anger of Orden. He opened up a war with the human race with the aim of exterminating the human race from the world. The Strata Vista clashes out against Orden. Using the ancient knowledge of God that has But it was impossible to fight against Orden because the power of God could not be controlled if it were human beings. Strata Vista defeated Humanity waits for death.

 The Shaman of Human: Lada of the Earth

2489 Year BC, the power of the zodiac

Laila traveled to Charlotte. And begged her to contact the star god what Orden did. Charlott thought it was wrong for Orden to use this power, so cooperated. Layla begged the god of the star father to help humans once more. Even though humans are guilty, the gods of stars love humans. And do not want humans to be destroyed The god of the stars gave Lila the power she gave it to the humans. Later this power was called Power of the zodiac stars And was used in war to fight Orden.

 The Shaman of Human: Akla, the Avatar God of Heart, Heart of the Star

2485 BC Seal of Orden

The Shaman of Human has joined forces. Until he was able to defeat Orden But with immortality, he could only imprison him in “Prison of Eternal” but then caused the balance of the 5 elements to be destroyed as the wind elemental Orden was sealed. The five supernatural elements scatter and fall to various lands on the land. “Lila” avatar himself as “Akla” and to represent it. To watch if Orden falls out of captivity, during which The Shaman of Human remains, the Aisha of the Rain and the Lada of the Land disappear. Human nations escaped destruction. After the sealing of Orden Strata Vista Group Forsake the land of god And travel to new lands To hope to hide the truth about the history of the gods and humanity. “The land that the strata vista arrived It was called the continent of O Persia in the later periods “

 The Shaman of Human: Aisha of Rain

2147 B.C.E., the city of Erac and the people of Vega

Despite the evacuation by orders from the Strata Vista to new lands. But there were still people who felt the sacrifice of Lila and the gods. They have taken hold to stay in this land. The city of Erac was built And continued to respect the gods In the deep forest, the “Vegila” tribe and in the Artia area The Drakomens and Taurus tribes The descendants of the gods were also responsible for protecting the gates of heaven. Since then, they who live in the land of the gods are known as the descendants of the gods on the side of the Stratavista who have migrated to new lands but have to fight People living in this land Knowing that in this land was the dwelling of God as well

Episode 3: The Strata Vista Rule the World

 Partial map of O Persia

1654 years before the Sikh continent of Persia. The cult of Strata Vista has brought people to new lands. And tried to set up a base in this land The cult leader at that time established cities. But still under the control of the Strata Vista cult

Strata Vista built a secret temple underground in a city. (Later that city was the country of Puerto Rico) and used as a secret meeting of the cult. As more people and believers began Strata then divided the organization into 3 parts and had a representative governing himself. The main representatives are as follows

 Strata Vista / Violent / Hernandez 3, the cult leader who is the prototype of the game in controlling 3 characters. Strata Vista The most powerful master and master of the organization Be the judge of internal matters

Violente, who was responsible for exploring and spreading the teachings of Strata Vista to the lands.

Hernandez, the cult priest and chief of the Strata Vista forces.

But Strata Vista traveled to the Land of De Now In which the past is the last place in the battle between God of Light, Deva, and God of Darkness, Okuras, after returning from exploring the land, Strata Vista has changed. And began to think of himself as a new God

Strata Vista began to invade territories within the O Persia continent and escalated into war within the continent. Violente, who at the time did not agree with the methods of the Strata Vista. Began to have a distance During which she was exploring other lands At that moment, she met the Star Gate at that land, Violente used magic to open the door. But her magic wasn’t enough.

But this Star Gate was one of the keys that imprisoned Orden. Part of Orden’s Power Fused with you You can talk to him in a vision. Orden pledged that if she was loyal to him, she would give her strength and immortal life. Violente, listening to the peaceful new world, fell in love with Orden’s concept and identity. Agreed to cooperate with Orden knew that Violente had a heart for him. Promised that if he is the ruler of this world You will be the queen by his side forever.

Violente formed the Violente group to fight the cult of the Strata Vista. And build up another land nearby The two lands continued to fight for hundreds of years.

Noah, a young child who was blessed by God who had traveled to the continent of O Persia earlier. Seeing the war between the two lands, they separated themselves to set up a new land and named it Targa.

 Rebel war

People who disagreed with the Strata Vista emigrated to the north. And settled on an island The war continues Until the people began to be weary of war The two territories made a secret contact and made a rebellion. Violente was killed. The cult of Strata Vista was lost in the shadows of war history. Strata Vista ordered Hernandez to depart for a new land nearby.

 Targa country

In the 0th Era, the inhabitants of the O Persia continent began to form nations in the continent.

  • Country of Puerto The former land where the cult of the Strata Vista was founded.
  • Illicia The former land of viola and the gates of the stars.
  • Country of Targa The land founded by Noah
  • Brunei Land of freedom
  • Vespanola Country The land was founded by Hernandez. And is the home of today’s Strata cult

 Injustice of the strata in the country of Puerto

But the war was not over. The Shadow Vista, hidden in the shadows, also guides the humans. To become a new God There are many people who still believe and believe in the power of the Strata Vista. And I hope that Strata Vista will bring humanity to prosperity.

In the Violente section Due to the power of Orden, even though she died, she became energy and waited for the day that Orden would return to the world again. She has left many stories and records about Strata Vista. That is the reason that after the two cult: Strata Vista and Viola Valencia Continue to fight against each other until now

Episode 4: The Continent of O Persia, the Land of De Now, Professes, and Okuras (Beginner)

 Year 0: The Land of Deva, formerly the land of the battle of the god of light, Deva. And the god of darkness, Okuras, tens of thousands of years have passed People forget stories, and this land has become a small country that has been in the midst of war from fighting between great powers.

One of the archaeologists called “Profes” lived in the region, he was not very interested in war. Even though he lived very uncomfortable because of the war. He was considered one of the few magic users in this land. That makes his family more recognized and rights than others.

“Pro-Phase” with family He has a wife and two children: Sara and Mori. Every day, “Profes” sets out to study the civilizations in this land. Which most people would even see him as crazy for studying ruins But Strata Vista’s intervention in this land hoped that “Profes” would find some power from these ancient traces because Strata Vista knew that this land was the beginning of the world.

One day, at that moment, Profes landed on an underground temple of the city. He traveled steadily. Within that “Profes” discovered a strange blue mineral that seemed to be able to contain magic power. He was very interested in this underground temple. When he was too late, he met a large door that could not be opened. Based on analysis, what was used to build this door could not be built by human hands. And the ore used has never been seen before

“Pro-Phase” was very happy to discover something, even though he didn’t know what it was. But he hopes that studying its story may help save his country from war and that his children will find peace in the future. He returned to the ground and told her what he had seen. The pro-phase wife continually sees him as this kind of person. But her love for the children and the hope of peace in the land allows her to support him only with food and family care.

“Pro-phase” returns to prepare the survey tools And living equipment Their wives made supplies for them. “Profes” intends to stay in that underground temple for a week to spend all the time studying it. He traveled back to that gate and camped on the doorstep. Every day, “Profes” explored various places in the temple. He discovered an ancient script that had never been seen before and wrote down the story in a notebook.

One night while he was asleep Heard a loud sound echoing throughout the temple He woke up to find that the door was opening, all coming out of the door was a huge demon with four legs like a deer and four hands holding various weapons. Look at the frightened face, normally if it were an ordinary person, he would have run away but he was wrong. He, who was excited by what he had seen, asked: “The humble human Are you not afraid of me? “The Profess replied: “I was scared, but my heart was more excited than I had encountered strange things.” The demon, who listened to it, laughed and said, “Profes” is a strange human. Which he replied that everyone had told him like this until used “Profes” asked what is the name of the devil. When the demon saw that “Pro-phase” was not afraid, he said that My name is “Okuras”, a god of darkness. But after hearing “Profes” not only fearless but also politely greeted him, “Okurus” surprised him even more.

Okuras sat and watched. Daily pro-phase actions In fact, he himself did not understand why this human was not the same as he had imagined. The pro-phase has been exploring all the time. Until one night, he was eating a sandwich that his wife had made as supplies. Profes gave Okuras a piece of sandwich. And tried to talk to him in surprise Okurus then ate it. The taste of that sandwich was something Okuras had never eaten before. He normally only eats human wickedness, but that is full of human feelings. Human love and concern are really strange feelings for Okurus. (Okuras, when you touch things, you can feel them through touch) Okurus asks if you want to know about him. Profes who are archaeologists Interested in the history of this world and immediately agreed. Okuras then said

“In the time before the birth of all things There is just emptiness Light and darkness are the first two things that happen. Both of them had tremendous power, causing many things. So is the world A long time passed The power of light formed a god, her name was “Dewa” and the power of darkness formed me “Okurus”, although Deva and I had fought for a long time. But there has never been a time when I hate her. It’s more like a duty than an enemy. Our struggle is to make things happen on this earth. Land / water / mountain / air / trees Everything happened because of the battle between me and Deva. As well as other creatures on this planet Of course, including humans like you. “

“But human beings are like a fusion of light and darkness. Humans have love, hope and courage that are the personification of light. But there are also hate, sadness and fear that are the personification of darkness. But the darkness in humans is too much. It gives me too much power. When the imbalance arose, Deva had to give up his life to stop me. I, who had lost an important friend, blocked myself, built the door of the Abyss to seal myself. That is the only thing I think I can do for Deva. “

Profes heard, so he felt Okuras’ sadness. He got up and said “You are a god of darkness. It may be an insult but Would you agree to be my friend, this little human? Of course, I don’t have anything for you. Only the bread and sandwich I ate. ”Okurus listened, so he was surprised and laughed. He agreed to be friends with this human professo without hesitation, it was probably destiny that the two of them met, even though it was unlikely.

Both couples live together in the temple. Okuras teaches you how to read the ancient message professionally and talk about its functions. Including telling about the history of this world Knowledge that the stereotype has never heard of He made a note of it in a notebook, hoping it would be a valuable record in the future.

Several months have passed. But the war inevitably began to approach the land of Devon. Profes was called to the front line to defend the fort. Even though his life was fun to have friends as a demon, who was actually not even scary at all. But duties and protection of the family are important. He returned home and had his wife take his children to the shelter. After that, he came to meet Okuras at the underground temple. Okuras saw the stereotype of the stereotypes strange. So he asked, You have to go now. Profes said he had to go to battle, not knowing if he would survive back. War is terrible. We may not see each other again, but I’m glad to be your friend. Dark God Okuras

Okurus had already felt the death of the above people from war. But in his heart he didn’t want to lose this important friend any more, so Okurus let Profes reach out. Okurus shares part of the power of darkness with Profes and has Prophes promise that when the war is over, he will return. PROFESSIONALS, if he doesn’t die on the battlefield, he will definitely return to his friend Okurus.

Episode 5: The Continent of O Persia, the Land of De Now, the Holy State of Armonia (Summary)

 The original from the previous episode, after “Profes” was powered by Okurus. He came to the fortress of De Now, the front line. The “Profeses” in mind thought not to use the power of Okurus, because humans were afraid of this power. The power of the demon god if he used it. It can cause problems. The “pro-phase” tries to fight with its own power.

The war lasted several days, but this land was just a small country, unable to contend with. Big country It also received bad news that The other side of the city was also attacked by the enemy. Because the other land would not allow the land of De Now to become a colony of another country (This battle really is a war between Vespanola and Illicia. The land of Deva is a city that separates the two countries), which remains at the refugee camp on the other side of the wall. There is a pro-phase family Is in danger When thinking about it then Profes accepted the power of Okuras. Darkness covered the land of De Now. The sound of terror spread throughout the area.

Profes uses Abyss Mass Destruction to sacrifice the bodies of the dead in battle to give them to Okuras, the lord of darkness, and spread the barrier of power. Espaccio covers the land of De Now. The power was so great that the war was finally over. (After being named in the record that “The Great War, Fortress of De Now”), but that frightened people of “Profes” from the power he used.

With the power of the terrible Abyss “Strata Vista” concerns the disaster that will occur in the past. Therefore secretly intervened in the land of De Now Rumors spread that “pro-phase” will bring eternal darkness back to the human world once again, resulting in him being arrested, even though the king and his friends on the battlefield resist because he was the one who saved this land. Out of war, but ineffective, “pro-phase” was accused of heretics and sentenced to death.

He accepted what had happened. But he begged the king that his family was not involved, please help them. The King has a secret order for the pro-war and respected military unit to take his family to the depths of the jungle and to build houses and to facilitate the “pro-phase” family to make up for the “pro-phase” offenses. Fes “was executed in the center of Denow. He recalled the stories that happened in this world. The words of Okurus that had spoken to him Humans are always afraid of the things they don’t know. Being friends with Okuras was the best.

Meanwhile, in a secret underground temple Okurus awaits the return of his friend “Profes”, he licks the crumbs that have fallen on the ground. The war should be over, but why hasn’t it come back yet? Yet Okurus felt the power of darkness returning to himself, things the “Profes” found, memories coming back to Okuras. “Profes” was sentenced to death. He died because of mankind In spite of he defended the land of humanity protecting them, the end result was death. And a curse like that? My only friend is already too much, doing so is a disrespect for not only you but me. Okuras, who was also the Origin of Darkness. Therefore, this land must be enlightened by this dark force.

The Enraged Okurus Freeze yourself from the Gate of Abyss and summon the Monsters, Goddess Pase, the Queen of Cold and Methear, the Inferno King. After the death of Pro-Phase, the skies in the Land of De Now are shrouded in darkness. The rain of blood fell on the land. The demon god of darkness, Okuras, was reincarnated on the face of the earth and waged a war to destroy the land.

The war lasted a long time. The darkness began to envelop the land of death, the fear that made the dark energy stronger and stronger. If this continues, all the lands on the continent may have to meet their end. And the world may return to an everlasting dark age again “Strata Vista” therefore sent a message to various lands on the continent to join the fight against the Abyss army. Even the Violencian Organization against Strata Vista said that it was all because “Strata Vista” intervened, escalated the matter, but had to cooperate because this was the fate of humanity. “Strata Vista” used the power and knowledge of the ancient gods to fight, but was unable to fight. Okuras, God of Darkness Many human armies had to be defeated by only 3 demons.

In the deep forest, the family of “PROPHES” realized what happened. One day, a light flashed in the deep forest. Sera and Mori, the children of the “PROPHES,” met them. Both and said that the only children of the “pro-phase” who can stop this war, it is a fate that cannot be avoided. Hearing this, the two children headed towards war.

Arriving in, Sera and Mori use the power of light to cover themselves and try to reach for Okurus, the two madness, and touch Okurus. The energy of light passed through Okuras until he calmed down. Okurus realizes that they are children of his best friend “Pro-Phase” and that they receive a fraction of Deva’s power to stop it. The inevitable fate brought the war to an end. Okurus used the sealing power. Tempest and Meats But the power of darkness cannot be exhausted, there is only one way to end this war. Okuras had to absorb all the dark energy and divide it into two parts and let “Strata Vista” complete the sealing. Mori saw that it was the fate of the family and accepted the power of the divine power. It was partially darkened to protect the land as his father used to. “Strata Vista” promises to train Mori and take good care of him to make up for the crimes he has caused this war. Okurus agreed, before being sealed, Okurus gave Sera’s Crystal of Light Fragment. And gave Mori the book of “Profes”

 Armonia Territory Map A holy city that does not belong to any country on the continent.

Okurus was finally sealed and turned into a stone statue. In the ancient underground temple after the war, “Strata Vista” made agreements with countries to make this land of Deva. A holy city that does not belong to any country on the continent. After the land of Deva changed to the name Armonia. As the name suggests In the beliefs of the people of that land A large church was built so that people would not forget about the war. Sera became the holy nun of that church. “Strata Vista” he later became a senior leader in the organization Strata Vista.

 The holy city-state of Armonia And this is the story of The holy city-state of Armonia And the legend of the divine war between light and darkness that has been told continuously

Chapter 6: O Persia Continent The 5 Confederates of the East

 The 5 Confederates of the East

The territory is located in the south of O Persia. Consisted of many small countries, although there was not much manpower But has its own versatility and martial arts Including natural resources In the big country, Vespanola / Illia / Targa / Bristia wanted to acquire it. But during the colonial era This land inevitably faced war. The war brought enormous losses as there was not enough strength to fight against the great powers on the continent. Caria began meeting with representatives and kings of various countries. To ask for cooperation in joining forces to fight They all went hand in hand as alliances and took on new names. The 5 Confederation of the Far East consists of

 Civilizations of the 5 Confederation of the East

  1. Karia, an ancient magical land of sacred beasts and sword-based combat 2. Katay, the land of melee martial arts. And ancient magic that blends light and darkness. 3. Siam, the land of melee arts. Famous boxing fist songs 4. Den, the land of ancient magic, mixed with fist music. Formerly, the land of the brothers with Katay. Which was told of the mystical and ancient magic of nature.

Shortly after shaking hands The great powers began to open in hopes of taking over. But it cannot fight for long because it requires a lot of resources and manpower. Vespanola therefore asked for peace to be the first country. Next up is Britia. Which is the in-depth cause, in fact, because these two countries have turned to compete for the land of the new continent that has just been discovered not long ago is the land Granado Espada

But the country of Ilia and Targa still did not give up to conquer. The five Confederate states of the East came to their own, but Illy soon gave up on her own as a result of a war for power in her own royal family.

 Great War Lord War

Only Targa is still open to the war until the last great war. Which was later called “Great Warlord War” The nation of Targa sent all its forces hoping to capture the Cathay nation. At that time, the Cathay nation asked for cooperation with all the nations of the alliance to help on the front lines of the war. Every country is helping hard. The war lasted almost five years, and Targa was finally defeated. In addition, the king of the country of Targa died in leading the army to fight in the war. His son had ascended the throne, he saw the horrors of war and asked for peace talks and instead focused on commercial ties. The war was over.

Not long after the Great War Lord, the Emperor of Cathay saw the power of the nations. In alliance Hoping to possess that power, the emperor has opened up to usurp the territories in the allied nations. Starting at Den and Siam Which after the war was lost and most of the descent was killed

After the occupation of the Den, the Emperor of Cathay opened the doors to take over Siam with little manpower, causing Siam to lose the war and become colonized by Cathay, and was obliged to send a tribute to Cathay every year.

 Main capital, Katay

After that, the Emperor of Cathay Started the battle in Caria, but Caria at that time had already planned Hence, it ties up a relationship with the country of Sembong, which Caria has entered into a trade agreement with the Illya. To ask the troops to help with another part Illya then sent an army of Drivewolf to help. Sembong also has contact with Vespanola. That makes that war Cathay was the defeated.

At that moment, Vespanola won the war of the country of Bristol with a magic cannon. Being afraid of the countries Illia / Caria / Sembon Therefore just requesting a treaty by raising the country of Cathay Just ask to make friends and just ask Vespanola to not invade your country.

In the case of Katay, because it is a remote country Vespanola saw that coming in and building things seemed to be a waste of resources and had the continent of Granado Espada waiting to be explored. Therefore drafted a treaty In alliance with the Cathay nation and only interfered with the major trade for Vespanola country.

 Caria Land

Caria and Sembong have agreed to become an alliance. To occupy a sister city and share with each other fighting techniques and civilizations until A tragedy happened to the Jonghwa family, a family that descended from the king of the ancient Caria region of Sembong at that time. The Yoshida family had a good relationship with the Jonghwa family and therefore cut off relations with Caria. King of the land of Karia This person was ruthless and might have caused a war like the Emperor of Cathay. In the future The Confederation of the 5 Eastern states has collapsed.

 The buff of Cheongah and the symbol of Caria.

If anyone noticed carefully The buff of the character Chong Ah, the Swordsman of Caria country has the same symbol as the Caria nation’s symbol. All 5 Confederation of the East came from the opening of the game. Granadoespada In various Asian countries including

  1. Caria is Korean
  2. Katay is Chinese 3.Siam is Thailand 4.Den is Taiwan 5.Sembon is Japan

Chapter 7: O Persia Continent Fall of illicia

 3 great powers in O Persia Vespanola / Illia / Bristany

Year 40 after the Battle of the Strata Vista cult Violencia was also behind. Different events in the land of Illicia The largest land in the continent of O Persia. However, Violencia at that time wanted to revive the ancient god (Orden resurrection) because he thought it was the right thing Causing some people to disagree And left the country

Lord Analicia A noble royal traveled to the land of Vespanola, where he met A Wandering Blacksmith With a good conversation Therefore sworn to be close friends, both of them traveled to different lands Lord Analicia wants to travel to this world because he loves adventures and finds new things. As for the Wandering Swordsmith, he wanted to find various materials to use for making powerful weapons.

But Lord Analicia, having traveled to various places and seeing the freedom from other lands, suddenly missed his homeland. Illicia, despite being a great country, was held in power by the “Elehan” King of a dictatorship. People suffer However, he, who had no strength to fight, could only watch.

The Wandering Swordsmith, feeling the anxiety of his dear friend, promised that “Someday if you have to fight I will fight alongside and will strike you with the best weapons and strongest armor. ”Then, if you win the war and become the new king, don’t forget me. Although it was funny because that blacksmith was just a wandering blacksmith, his serious expression made the story tell. Can release the stress within the mind

One day, while the two were leaving, the Strata Vista organization intended to intervene in Illicia saw that Lord Analicia would have been a good choice if he could lead him into the cult of Strata Vista and help him become the king. Lord Analicia was invited to join the organization. But he had heard some of the bad names of Strata Vista. Lord Analicia didn’t plan to be a person. Therefore hoping to use Strata Vista as a tool only Lord Analicia gave him an ultimatum that if he had to divide him to join. His best friend, this wandering master, must go too. Which, Strata Vista agreed

They both trained in the organization of the Strata Vista. Lord Analicia was strengthened by the leadership of the organization. His magic power and fighting skills had increased. At the same time, the nomadic master has been studying weapons and armor from thousands of years of ancient records, although it is not comparable to all of the original, but it is far superior to any other equipment currently available.

 Illicia is rich in natural resources and vast territory.

50th year of Sikhism for 10 years in which both 2 is in the strata vista organization But the nomadic master did not have a name of his own because he was nameless. Lord Analicia then named him “Vareron, which is an adaptation of Illicia’s Legendary God Sword Avalon.” Most people are dissatisfied with King Elahan’s dictatorship, Lord Analicia, thought it was time for him to return to his hometown.

The two left the Strata Vista organization and returned to Illicia. It was there that he was greeted by a friend and was all ready to be a vital force in the fight against. King “Elahan” Before the battle, Master Vareron gave Lord Analicia’s armor and weapons. That he created while at the Stata Vista organization Because of the promise he had made, he believed that one day His best friend will use

The war was long. Until finally victory vested in “Lord Analicia” with the nobles, close people of the 4 families The Zen family, the Halber family, the Videl family, and the Vernier family. As a mainstay in the fight for freedom, Elahan king was executed. The four large families invited Lord Analicia. As the new King of Illicia, peace returned again.

 Palace of Ilia

But not for long Cult of Strata Vista Traveled to Illicia and demanded a promise, but King Analicia Did not agree that this land was ruled by Strata Vista. That resulted in a rift and a civil war through the intervention of Strata Vista.

The resulting civil war. The great land of Iliasia collapsed as King Analicia Searching for a way to end this war, Master Vareeron traveled alone to the Strata Vista cult. Mechanic Vareron begged Strata Vista to stop interfering. In exchange for making the legendary weapons and costumes that Strata Vista used to need, but no one was able to accomplish this. Strata Vista accepted the offer and immediately stopped interfering with the war within Illicia. Master Vareron had finally been able to create the Strata Vista armor and the Strata Vista weapons. But it was too powerful. And that makes Master Vareron extremely guilty for making it.

 Parliament within the Ilya Palace

Even though Illicia’s Civil War ended But nowadays, the vast area is left with only the Illya country. It is also known as the Freedom Land of O Persia.

Chapter 8: O Persia Continent Desert Targa

 Targa, the land of the desert, is at the far right in the map.

Year 294 in the upper part of Persia is a land of desert. And drought It was the effect of the god Orden who sealed the 5-element spell (because of disgust Noah, the young boy who was blessed with immortality from the first God) after Noah disappeared into the shadows of history. It causes people to confuse and lose their way in life. A priest, Garzin Barker, established himself as king and spread the teachings of Barker that God would be with us and give us the perfect land of oud if we followed it strictly. For this is the test God has given to all human beings. The people there were adhering to the Barker doctrine, but with the intensity of it. Thus making the people of this land become extremists

 Desert Targa

Time passed until “Jintarga”, a young boy who traveled and traded with various lands as a child. He grew up and saw many lands in the O Persia continent. Aim to make their own land better than other countries. Thus became a noble in the Barker dynasty, with his ability to be appointed as the Chancellor of the King. But shortly after serving King Barker With the feeling that Barker’s doctrine would bring the land to an end. Moreover, the king himself was not responsible for the people of the land hoping only for his comfort. When foresees the various crises that will arise He gathered troops to seize power and only established himself as regent of the land plan.

He vowed to do whatever it takes to develop this country to the best of its ability. With his talent, the land became prosperous after the death of “Jintarga” in his honor later becoming a “Targa” country of his name. And was called by other lands Desert Targa Today, despite the decline in violence and rigor of Barker’s doctrine, there is a frequent persistence of the original doctrine and civil war.

 On the border of the territory of Targa

In the year 408, the lands became countries. But the struggle for territory continues to continue. The desert-rich Targa especially needed a land of fertility and increased resources. The new king, to incite people, used Barker’s teachings to guide the people of the country. And became the national religion The teaching of people is distorted to wage war for lands because it is divine guidance. This sparked a war with the neighboring country of Ilia, which had more natural resources.

“Those who did not know the Lord of Barker returned to a fertile land. And plugged us into the desert, now is the time for our brothers and sisters to take over that land to show the true God. ”

 Black Scorpion Forces Set

Illya was heavily attacked by the forces of Targa. The nobles ‘Halbers’ and ‘Saints’ dealt with the war in full force, but were unable to cope. The Black Scorpion Army, a special force that is like a king’s private army, has a fierce battle. Irresistible

An army of black scorpions sneaked into Illya Palace. Hoping to kill the King of Illya, but he meets an alchemist of the family “Basellan”, with a bizarre magic combined with his alchemy to defeat the Black Scorpion Army. The King of Ilia has appointed the Baselan family as the Royal Guardian family.

With the help of the Baselan family on the front line, the Targas army defeated and retreated to their own land. But Illya and the country of Targa, though a long time ago, have waged many ongoing wars to date.

Chapter 9: O Persia Continent Bristia islands

 Bristia Island Pork

Year 455 In the past during the Strata Vista ruled the land of O Persia. People who hate war and are not interested in the cult of Strata Vista. Has set out to migrate to the upper part of the O Persia continent But most of the immigrants did not have magic power. If in the future you will have to fight other territories or the cult of the Strata Vista, fear of defeat. The leaders then came up with as many ways as possible to cope and keep people safe from attacks from outside territories. It was that the leaders of the army brought the people to the Anglo archipelago.

Anglo is an archipelago in the upper part of the Persian continent. As an island in the middle of the sea, civilization or science was not obtained elsewhere in the O Persia continent. Moreover, all immigrated people had little or no magic power. That is why the Aglo people developed most of their own civilization and science.

Anglo residents focused on creating artifacts to protect the land from the threats of other territories. For those who had some magic and knowledge, they turned to alchemy. In order to use it against the great mages in the land of Persia instead

 The arts of Klesée

Targa country Used to send a fleet intended to wage war on the Anglo territories But with the ingenuity of King Rondinia Bristia, as well as his own science, he was able to protect the land. After changing the name of the new country to Country “Britia” from the surname of the King.

Years later, King Rondinia established a Round Table. The Loengrin He came up and brought together 13 different talents to be the representative to discuss the direction of the country. Later this council was named Sage of Lohengrin (Sage of Loengrin).

With technology advancing to replace those without magic power This made the country of Bristol focus on making machines for use in battle. But that was the cause of the civil war between Magic power and magic powerless The Round Table Council is divided into two sides. The battle escalates. Causing many magicians to die until finally King Rondinia I, the most powerful in the country of England, has used magic forbidden In ending that war, but with its results King Rondinia I dies

 A port and an important city of the service. “Kleise City”

The Round Table Council invited King Rondinia II to succeed his father. He re-established the Round Table Council and entrusted his father’s weapon, The Rondinium Profit of Staff, to the House as a reminder of the horrors of war and sacrifice.

But the feud between the mighty and the powerless continued. As a result, the country of Bristol is divided into two parts: Upper Bristol and Lower Bristol. Later Upper Bristia will be the home of magic and respect in the Council of Rondinia. Lower Bristol’s focus is on military rule and technology is the focus.

In the year 1200, the leader of the Southern Bristine Army, General Kleise, saw that nations began to expand to other territories again. If this continues, the split into two countries of Bristol could be wiped out and colonized by other continents. Therefore negotiations were opened King Rondinia IV at that time was also worried about this. Therefore agreed to negotiate during that period Daughter of King Rondinia IV, Princess Vernoerra. Met in love with General Klise, the two agreed to marry later King Rondinia IV renamed the southern capital of Bristol to Clise.

 New technologies and inventions in Bristol

After the cooperation of North and South Bristol In no time, the small island nation of Bristia in the upper part of the continent of O Persia became a continent’s superpower. And was feared by many nations in the continent of Persia ever since

Episode 10: Land of the Dead, Demon God Choel Advent

Demon God

After several hundred years, Mori had entered the Strata Vista organization with the Abyss in his body, giving him a longer life than normal people. Moreover, Abis’s power allowed Mori to remain young and not old. He usually wears a black robe to hide himself. After practicing the use of Abyss power until proficient Strata Vista appointment Mori is a senior leader and story manager for Strata Vista. Even though he was a high-ranking leader, Mori never opened up to anyone as his disciple or disciple because Abyss’ power was too dangerous. If a person has learned the power of delusions, disaster can befall.

The war in O Persia

The war in O Persia intensified. There were many orphans because of the war. Strata Vista built a shelter for the orphans on the continent. Which made those orphans feel love. Mori is not very close to the people of the organization. But with the orphans, he opened up to accept and take care of the children until Mori met two orphans who had some interesting looks. Choel and Latem

Mori brought the two children to train at the Strata Vista organization. Although Strata was surprised because Mori had normally never accepted anyone as a disciple, he agreed that Mori should have his own disciple. Seeing the powerful magic power of the two children, I felt that Mori was a very capable person who had a great chance of being a great mage. That will make Strata Vista stronger in the future. Because the organization may have to cope with the unpredictable dangers

Mori taught. Choel and Latem himself discovered that Choel is a gifted mage who is capable of absorbing the magic abilities of others, and Lathem has a talent for light magic, which is considered to be very few in the organization. It is expected that both children will be a vital force in the fight against future threats.

Many years have passed Both children grew up to be adults. And became a great mage Mori, who does not have a family, loves the two like her own biological son. Choel and Latem also thought of repaying Mori for helping them, so they worked hard to practice. The three spent time together until Stata Vista brought another child into the organization and said Mori that he would become a new leader in the future. Strata Vista sealed himself using the power of Abyss to let him sleep for eternity due to concern about the divine prophecies that would happen in the distant future. And hope that if the situation is dire, he will be able to revive himself as a leader in the future The organization of the Strata Vista changed the regime to a decision by the High Council and left the leader of the Strata Vista organization to wait for him to cover in the future.

 Latem in old age (Pastor Dilos Latem)

Choel and Latem know about the suffering of the Abyss master’s power, keeping himself from aging. Although many people would say that it was a wonderful power, the two disciples Fully aware that it is more like a curse than the Master has no lover or family and does not interfere with anyone. That was because the Master was afraid that he could not bear the grief that his own loved ones had to die while they were immortal. The suffering of the Master may cause the power of darkness to be excessive and dangerous to human beings.

Choel, who wanted to help her master, began to study the history of the god of light and the god of darkness. Including the power of the Abyss secretly in hopes of replacing your favor Choel absorbed the Abyss power of Master to study, but that made the Abyss’ dark energy unstable. And as a result, the dark gates beneath the Armonian Church began to shake.

Sera, the holy nun of the Armonian Church, and Mori’s older sister. Send a letter to her brother about an anomaly that occurred in Armonia, she touched on the power of the darkness that is too much. Mori sent his disciple Latem to help his sister because Latem had the power of light, probably to some extent. Mori tries to find a way to stop the incident.

Choel, who began to study the power of Abyss But the overwhelming power of darkness made him overwhelmed. Choel is fascinated by his power and hopes to establish himself as the ruler of this world. However, he had not studied it enough and was afraid that if he was caught by the Master, he would starve in his hand. So he did what was forbidden by the Strata Vista organization by secretly fleeing back to the land of God.

 Demon god Choel

It was too late for Mori and the Stratavista Organization to realize that Choel had returned to the land of the Lord. The top leaders, including Mori, had followed Choel to find, but he had gained Abyss’ great power in his hand. Choel became immortal and called upon The Infernal King has a Tiers and the Queen of Winter Temps. Which used to be a servant of the demon god Okurus came down to the organization of the Strata Vista must help to defeat “Choel”, but with the negative power of Choel that is abundant combined with magic absorb. Causing him to successfully combine the body with Mee Tiers and Tempest to become In the end, the battle lasted for a long time. Could not fall down Choel Mori successfully used Abyss Espaccio’s forbidden magic by successfully pulling the power of the dead in battle to seal Joel. The Strata Vista Organization can seal Choel. But there was a great loss in the organization.

Year 550 after sealing of Choel Strata Vista sent people to take care of the Seal, and later called the Sealed Land of Choel. “Land of the Dead.” Mori felt deeply guilty that the disciple she had taught was so misleading and damaging. Mori leaves the elite leadership of Strata Vista and returns to Armonia. He had proposed to Latem is the new leader to replace his vacant position. Mori was sad that things had happened.He thought of killing himself, but couldn’t because of his immortal power. Latem sent Choel’s journal to Mori.


Mori read the diaries of his disciples and realized what the disciples had done because they wanted to save him from this curse. That made him even more guilty, but on the last page Choel has successfully found a way to get Mori out of immortality. However, Choel wasn’t powerful enough, so he couldn’t do it, and only a direct descendant of Okurus could do it. Mori goes to the gates of the Abyss. He tried the method that Choel studied was to split the Abyss into 5 parts, Mori used that magic, the Abyss power was split into 5 demons. Fear / Hatred / Madness / Chaos / Rage And sealed them in the gates of Abyss.

Mori hurries to his sister and tells her that they are now freed from immortality. They were very happy to be able to get away from this curse. However, Sera was concerned about the 5 Abyss being separated, and that it might cause disaster in the future. Mori agreed with the idea, and he set out to find the power that he could use to defeat Abyss in the future.

Episode 11: The Continent of O Persia, Epilogue of Puerto and the Land of God

Puerto Rico

The former country of Operto is said to have been the birth of the god of light, Deva, before the birth of the world. And is the beginning of the continent of O Persia as well But thousands of years have passed and people have forgotten. Only the names that were once grand and ancient, many places remain mystical and await the mysteries of this land. In fact, the OPertonic lineage had strong magic powers and inherited ancient magic that is said to be able to determine the fate of this world. Unfortunately, after a battle for land in the past, many of the Opto families were lost because of their fear of power. For thousands of years, Operto had to lose territories to become a small country in the O Persia continent. However, the central point of that country was said to be the most important legacy and possibly the origin of the divine light magic that might still be asleep in this continent.

 Year 1000, the Violent Ocean Group

“Viola” Viola’s descendants Began to think that Human beings are beginning to build their own kingdom in an evolving way. Human beings have a greater understanding of coexistence. There is no longer a need to wait for God to return, because humanity is now able to move forward. Stata Vista Organization Trying to control humanity under the shadows of history Because the future of all human beings has equal rights Therefore restored the secret society organization Wai Oceanian enters the Strata Vista organization against her and tries to use her power. But not as effective In the end, Strata Vista attempted to assassinate her. “Viola” successfully escaped all her powers. She was in the shadows like the Strata Vista organization and was founded. “The Violent Ocean” with the aim of disrupting the relevant plans of the strata vista ever since.

Year 1285, the Land of God is revealed. Several hundred years have passed. A navigator named Cabezza Bacca has informed the country of OPerto that he discovered a new land while sailing across the Black Sea. But the king of the country of Opto at the time wasn’t interested in these matters. He told others that he had seen a new continent. But no one believed it, and it turned out to be a joke. Cabezza Bacca tried several times to prove it and sent the story to Puerto, but it didn’t work out. Until one day, he was invited to a castle in the country of Puerto Bacca, trying to write down what he had encountered, so that if a new continent could actually be explored, it would be a sign of national development and he would be A famous person, but it is a pity that he could not reach his dreams. Because Bacca was killed and lost by the Stratavista organization. Who do not want people to know about the land of God in the past

 Gilberto Granado

A.D. 1461 – Gilberto Granado Gilberto Granado, the eldest son of the Granado family. Which is a family of the youngest military officers of the country of Bristol Despite being an extremely poor family, Gilberto was born with his wit and versatility from a young age. He is older Foruszio was three years after his father died in the war. For the better life of his family, he intends to be a soldier like his father because military service has many privileges in the country.

Year 1464 – Forucio Espada Foruccio Espada, the eldest son of the Espada family. This is a well-known old family of Operto. This surname Espada was a surname given to King Denis X of Oporto a long time ago. Because the Espada family has served to protect the country from war is like a “sword” (Espada in Spanish means sword) that protects the country. Although the greatness of the family is not as old as in the past But since Forussio’s mother was a royal family Made him well educated But his mother died at the age of 10, forcing him to come back to live with his father in his hometown. Although his father rarely spoke, he had always taught Forrussio his family sword martial arts. Forussio cares about the book of The navigator, Cabezza Bacca, talks about a new continent and intends to set out to find a new continent as well.

 Forussio Espada

A.D. – 1480 meeting Foruszio and Gilberto attend the Naval Academy in Bristol. Both were extremely skilled and witty. Foruszho is elected captain of the cadet squad, and Gilberto is named vice-captain and grows to fame with his mission to suppress pirates. In the waters of Barrérias

Year 1483: Search for new trade routes The trade routes of the OPertos have been cut off by Targa intervention in the hopes of launching a war. But the OPerto country at that time was in a condition that could not open war with other countries. Queen Trientes At the time, the then ruler of the Autonomous Country of Puerto Rico, a policy of gathering people interested in adventure to open up new trade routes. If you find it successfully, you will receive great fame and reward.

Year – 1485 in service Foruszio and Gilberto after graduating at the Royal Naval Academy in Bristol They both entered service in the Navy of Puerto Rico. It is also famous for suppressing some of the best female pirates of the sea, Mary and Esperanza, that have caused incidents in many countries. However, there are rumors that And has a secret relationship with Gilberto Making her make a mistake and get caught in the end

 Granado, Espada and O Persia

A.D. – 1487, discovering a new continent The situation of searching for new trade routes is not very good. Queen Trientes Therefore studied the story about the mysterious continent that had been named in the past And with the record of a navigator called Cabezza Bacca who had seen a new continent With her attitude, she was able to set a sailing route to a new continent. But had to pass through the Black Sea that was the deadly waters, very few people could pass through The Queen secretly summoned Forossio and Gilberto to give them away to the two, leading the boat to search for a new continent. Because this is the country’s last hope, Puerto Forzzio immediately agreed, because that was his dream. But Gilberto Then saw that the cruise route was too dangerous And may not survive back Queen Trientes knew of the relationship between Gilberto and and So he promised that if a new continent was found, it would release and Esperanza and let her live in peace. Gilberto accepted the offer.

The two sailed with a front view to find a new trade route for the country of Persia. The pair successfully passed through the stormy Black Sea and the tidal currents, and eventually discovered a new continent, as Queen Trientes had said. And report success to Queen Trientes Queen Trientes Therefore named the new continent Granado Espada (GranadoEspada) by bringing the two surnames together to honor the family line. Foruccio Espada is appointed Count of Operto. And Gilberto Granado received the title of Lord The Queen secretly released Mary and Esperanza and arranged a wedding for the two at the Palace of the Opera.

Episode 12: The Age of Explorers Fortressio’s Adventure

Portobello Harbor

A.D. – 1488 Portobello Port After Gilberto’s wedding The second set of expeditions was established, led by Count Forussio. The country of Puerto Rico announced that Territories of Granada Espada Is the exclusive right of the country of Puerto And began to gather the people of the country urgently to explore the land in the new continent. Queen Trientes ordered the construction of Portobello on the continent of Granada Espada. To transfer cargo to the explorers Which Queen Triantes Giving hope to the continent of Granada Espada. This is because it is so small and less resourced that it is easily invaded by other countries. If exploring the continent of Granada, Espada Going well They can use resources from the new continent to develop the country, or move the country and build a new capital to this new continent. However, in the new continent, many ferocious monsters appeared, making it difficult to explore. Nevertheless, Count Forusio has been exploring all this time.

 Ancient civilization in the city of Erac

A.D. – 1489 Discovery of Erac Counter Foruzio has set up a team of expeditions to explore more places. Based on the ancient legends of the past found in the records of the country of Puerto Although the journey was difficult and many people died. But Counter Forussio Still continue to explore continuously The main expeditionary team of Forazzio has finally discovered the ancient mythical city of Erac on the Granadoespada continent, where the land inherits the power of the stars from the ancient gods, as well as legends about the powers of the five elements: Soil, water, wind, fire, and human mind in the creation of all things

 Harman Thadada, the god of the Urak

Foruszio meets Harman. Mufasa’s daughter Urac City Chief With interest in each other’s cultures, ultimately in love. But Foruszio had to continue his journey to explore the continent. To prevent the people who are hungry for power and need the power of the ancient gods. To this city of Urak Count Forazzio and the expedition team keep the discovery of Erac a secret. At the same time in the Opto region Nax, the main capital of Targa, was destroyed by the Vespanola army. Targa, unable to fight the power of Vespanola, finally sought peace talks.Vespanola and Targa join hands and end the war ever since.

 Coimbra Port 1

A.D. – 1490, Coimbra Port 1 Portobello, which began to accommodate immigrants and not enough to explore the continent of Granada, Espada. Queen Triantes ordered the construction of the port of Coimbra to serve people who migrated and came to explore new lands. The queen sent a letter Count Foruzio takes over the position of Governor of Coimbra. But the survey at that time was still very much needed. Counter Forzzio was unable to leave his burden on the governor. Knowing the news, Lord Gilberto agrees to help Fortressio temporarily take care of the city of Coimbra, where Queen Trientes hopes to make Coimbra the first major capital on the continent A. Ranado Espada Which is the location where the two were discovered as well

Episode 13: The Age of Explorers Vespanola’s unification and intervention

people of Vespanola

Vespanola country One of the countries in the O Persia continent. Although it is a small country, it has great power in both military and natural resources. Moreover, as a free and progressive country, people from many countries were united. Make the population of the Vespanola country diverse skills Including mage, marksman, swordsman with many famous In addition, the Secret Organization of the Sky Vista Which is a secret organization associated with ancient gods Is also behind the direction of the Vespanola country as well That makes this country regarded as the most feared country in the Persian continent that has it all.

Year 1492, King Sanjo IV The founder of the Vespanola nation was King Philippe. After that, the Philippe dynasty continued to rule the country. Until King Philippe II ascended the throne with a talent and a master of magic, one of the era, thus fearing other countries. But King Philippe II He began to distant from wanting to be subject to the Strata Vista organization anymore. The story of betrayal of the Strata Vista organization is known to the top leaders of the organization. King Philippe II of Vespanola died in a sudden accident. Since the son of Philippe II was only 14 years old, the nobles concluded that the half-brother of King Philippe II took the throne and later received the nickname Sanjo. 4th In honor of the family of King Philippe II’s son, Sanjo was appointed the title of Grand Philippe. Whose rank is only inferior to the king

 Vespanola plus the country of Puerto

Year 1494 merges the country of Puerto with Vespanola. As a result of the discovery of a new continent The Queen Triantes devoted everything to the continent of Granada Espada greatly. But the returns were not very satisfactory and the country owed enormous debt to the opertos to the point of bankruptcy. At that time, Vespanola had long wanted to be involved in exploring a new continent. Including the Strata Organization, wanting to intervene in the history of ancient gods in the past. Therefore trying to do whatever it takes to become involved in pioneering a new continent Vespanola, supervised by the Strata Vista organization Therefore used this opportunity to help the country of OPerto By making a proposal to pay off all of the country’s debts, however, the Cooperation and Vespanola countries must unite. Queen Triantes of Puerto did not agree. After many negotiations Queen Triantes did not seem to agree. Later to show his sincerity, King Sanjo IV traveled to meet Queen Triantes himself. After consultation Queen Triantes finally accepted the offer.

The meeting of the two was with King Sanjo IV. And Queen Trientes are both single. And both of them felt a sense of sincerity for each other, including King Sanjo IV. She fell in love with Queen Trientes at first sight. Not long ago, both of them agreed to the royal marriage. As a result, the reunification of the countries of OPerto and Vespanola went smoothly. The OPUTO countries join the country with Vespanola. And changed the symbol of the country flag by bringing the flag of the country of Puerto, with the flag of Vespanola

 Year 1495, the 1st Coimbra Port

Shortly after reuniting the country with the need to accommodate more new explorers from the Vespanola country. Vespanola issued an urgent order to speed up the construction of the Port of Coimbra. Until the year 1495 the port of Coimbra was completed, its first ruler was Lord Gilberto Granado, two years later. Count Forazzio became the governor according to the promises made to Queen Trientes.

A.D. 1497, Princess Esperanza was born.

After two years of Raja Bhisaek, Queen Triantes conceived and gave birth to a girl. Queen Trientes named Esperanza, which means Light of Hope. It takes its name from and the former pirate queen, a friend of Queen Triantes. There was a big celebration. Meanwhile, the Vespanola nobles asked for a new city to be built directly to support the people of Vespanola. God Sanjo saw that was a good idea. After receiving permission, the nobles quickly built a new city, in just one year, the Vespanola town of the country was completed and it was named “Rebordeaux”.

 Rebordeaux, the city of Vespanola in the new continent.

In the year 1498, Count Forazzio joins the Strata Vista organization. Count Forucci, then Governor of Coimbra, received an invitation from Archduke Philippe. In his mind, thinking that it was time to return to the old continent, he gave Lord Gilberto. His close friend runs the city of Coimbra instead. During that time Princess Harman was born With the power of Harman, it was realized that the child that would be born would hold that power. And it would be unsafe if there were two of the “five elements” in Erac. Harman spoke about strata vista and the war of the ancient gods in the past. Which could bring disaster in the future When there is no choice So Count Forucci asked the former witch queen, “Leonola”, to help raise his daughter and teach her to use her powers. Arousseo for so long cannot deny the person he secretly loves. And agreed to help take care of this child The two then fled to a deep forest in the continent, and the matter about Forussio’s daughter was kept secret.

 Vespanola and Bristol

Count Forucci returned to the country of Vespanola and met Arch Duke Philippe. He was invited to the Secret Organization of the Strata Vista. Count Forissio saw an opportunity to investigate the organization and agreed, but he did not accept the future appointment of Vespanola’s Vespanola. Count Foruzio travels back to the continent of Granada Espada with an exploration team and funding from the Stratavista. Rossio finds out about the undisclosed secret of the ancient gods. Lord Gilberto becomes curious about the changed attitude of his best friend, Count Forucci, after entering the Strata Vista organization. And began to distrust Lord Gilberto secretly gave information about the Granado Espada continent to the country of Bristol.

Episode 14: The Era of the Old Explorers


A.D. 1499 Novia / Inverno / Fozzio

Novia, a young woman from Vespanola’s noble family, finds love with the unnamed explorer, Inverno. That at the reception of Count Forussio Novia returns to Ple with hearts for Count Forucci. With that he is a talented and respected young man who is also good-natured. Novia breaks up with Inviano and intends to marry Forozzio. However, Foruszio was only hoping for the money and treasures of the Novia Clan to be used in exploring the new continent. Shortly after Counter Forussio gathered people to return to the new continent. Inverno, regretting Novia’s story but respecting the great explorer, Foruszio, agrees to follow the Count Forucci to help him instead of Novia. The one you love

After returning to a new continent Novia has not received any news about Count Foruzio. She had waited for years, but she overheard rumors that Foruzio had a girl she liked and had a baby. That made Novia angry. She irony by marrying the one her parents chose, and has used that influence to join as one of the 10 nobles of Vespanola at the advice of Monteiro. Her childhood best friend All in order to get revenge on Count Forucio.

 Queen Esperanza

AD 1510 Queen Esperanza Many years have passed since 1510, King Sanjo IV and Queen Trientes. Died from a travel accident The nobles have invited Princess Esperanza ascends the throne. “Queen Esperanza” of Vespanola Upset “Arch Duke Philippe” very much Because he must have the right to reign after King Sanjo IV, “Arch-Duke Philippe”, but keep his hatred in his heart and hope that one day he will reign King to get The Strata Vista Organization sees an opportunity to use the Philippe-era grand as a substitute for control of the country and sends the organization’s elite mage, Alfonso Hernandez to help. plan He was appointed 1 of the 10 nobles of Vespanola It is said that he is also the best magician of Vespanola. Archduke Philippe built a town in Vespanola and named it “Philippe” after his name.

AD 1510, 2nd Coimbra Port Queen Esperanza wanted to build a second port of Coimbra to accommodate the growing number of explorers, and a path was created to connect. Ribeau deux and the second port of Coimbra, later known as “Forrussio Intersection”


AD 1513 Montoro Montoro, a distant relative of Archduke Philippe’s first wife, Lady Sonata. After her death she continued to follow Arch Duke Philippe, but in fact all he did was because he was in love with the Arch Duke Philippe. Montoro was interested in the beauty of a woman, hoping to be immortal and a beautiful body forever. He tries to study the magic of the Necromancer in hopes of becoming the master of death. Until Archduke Philippe takes Montoro to get to know Hernandez, the sorcerer from the Stratavista organization. To make Montoro the messenger between Philippe and Hernandez. With a great mage Montoro then took himself as a student and learned the magic from Hernandez and became the Necromancer Magician. Monteiro was persuaded to join the Stratavista organization. Through Hernandez’s invitation, the two also had a deeper relationship than their disciple and teacher.

 Arch Duke Philippe

AD 1513: Queen of the Grandis During the era of Queen Esperanza Nobody doesn’t know Grandis. A red-haired warrior with superior sword skills and a beautiful appearance, it is a destination for young men all over the country. But she doesn’t care about anyone, all she hopes is to fight for Queen Esperanza. Until she received the invitation From Archduke Philippe To join as one of the 10 nobles of Vespanola. The position was set up to show the fame and grandeur of the country. Although Grandis does not like social events much. But she had to follow the Queen’s orders Upon arrival, she met the Arch Duke Philippe. Philippe City Ruler His sobriety makes you feel like giving. As well as arch duke philippe Although he had heard her reputation for a long time, after Lady Sonata His wife died of giving birth. His son Ian He could never love anyone again. Until meeting with Grandis The couple fell in love and eventually got married. Even though it was just a small event, during that time Grandis thought she was happiest. She accepted an offer to be one of the 10 nobles of Vespanola. And received the nickname Queen of the Grandis Explorer

 Count Cortes

A.D. 1513, Count Cortes A man who descended from a family of ancient gods and knew about ancient magic and five elements, originally a nobleman from the country of Puerto. After reunification with Vespanola At the suggestion of Hernandez, he was part of the Strata Vista organization. In fact, Hernandez only hoped to use his knowledge to find the power of the five elements and the door to the realm of the gods. With his abilities he was chosen as 1 out of 10 nobles of Vespanola too However, with the knowledge of his ancestors, he was aware of the mysterious power present in the new continent. He teamed up with Montoro and Novia. In hopes of possessing this power and they will become the kings of the new world Without letting the Strata Vista organization know

A.D. 1514 Dr. Torch, Dr. Urick, Dr. Truman of Illia Dr.Fernando Torch, Illya Country Alchemist An otide-generating talent, he lost his wife to a deadly disease, leaving her daughter Catherine, a very important figure for Dr. Torch. The two were together alone. But with the aftermath of the Illya civil war Who hope to use his work to use in the war Until he received an offer from Hernandez to move to Vespanola country. Which he will ensure safety And will support Dr. Torch’s research as well In order to keep your daughter safe from war Dr. Torch accepted the offer and traveled to Vespanola. From his successful work on otide energy Made him chosen to be 1 of the 10 nobles of Vespanola Dr. Urik Arnes, Summoner who controls the Ancient Golem He was a former general in the fight against other countries that invaded Illya. But the result of the war that people have died This made Urik boredom and fled to his life in peace. He had a son, but his son was fascinated by machines and engineering. Therefore he deposited the shore to become his disciple Dr. Truman, mechanical expert After many years of absence His son returned to Urik. Ready to travel to the country of Vespanola with Dr. Torch as the civil war situation intensifies, Urik may soon be forced to summon a golem to use in the war again. Hernandez agrees to help Urik. And provide shelter for war asylum After coming to Vespanola With his famous reputation Making him selected as one of the last 10 nobles

Dr. Truman, mechanical engineering expert One of the Servants of the Vernier family. He devoted himself to creating works that would benefit the country of Ilia. He lost his wife through a false trial. He has a son, Kevin. Unfortunately, his son has a terrible disease that cannot be cured despite the fact that Kevin was born with a talent. Able to control the electromagnetic field The civil war in Ille begins to escalate, and he receives an offer from Hernandew to seek refuge in Vespanola. But around that time Kevin was seriously ill, unable to travel anywhere. Dr. Truman rejected Hernandez. And is also the only scientist here at Illya.

Coimbra Port

2nd Coimbra Port A.D. 1514, Lord Gilberto Granado dies. A monster incident on the new continent has been fierce. No matter how hard we were, the people were unable to fight a large horde of monsters. Coimbra Port 1 was destroyed by the Monster Army. The people evacuate to the 2nd port of Coimbra. Lord Gilberto, Granado leads an army to protect Coimbra. He sent a request for help to the towns of Ribodo and Vespanola, but there was no response and support. To prevent harm, he has given And with his daughter, Adelina fled to the country of Vespanola and had to cover him as well, and Adelina’s father. Due to concerns about the country Vespanola and the secret organization Strata Vista. After the wife and children left Lord Gilberto led an army to fight the ferocious monsters at the Coimbra Bridge. Counter Forzzio, who had just heard the news, hurried back to help. But it’s too late Even if he could protect Coimbra But Lord Gilberto was seriously injured. Foruszio hurried to help, but he was not in time. Gilberto’s last words were for Forussio to be careful about Strata Vista and Vespanola. Foruszio dies at the Coimbra Bridge in Forussio’s embrace. That caused Forussio to be very sad and began to distrust Strata Vista and Vespanola. The other side and Take Adelina to a secret island that used to be hiding when and was still a pirate. And teaches you everything you know about fighting and survival. And lived with Adelina for a few years and died of an unknown disease. After that, Adelina started his pirate adventure at the age of 8.

AD 1515 Establishment of the New Continent Control Organization NOCC After the death of Lord Gilberto Granado, Count Forucci temporarily took over the second city of Coimbra. Rebodeaux formed the NOCC, or the New Continet Order Control Commission, which was founded by the Vespanola aristocracy and the nobility. Yet with the NOCC’s high tariff policy, the people of Rebodeaux and Coimbra were opposed. Disgruntled people migrated to the north of the continent and began helping rebuild the city and named it the elected city of Ush. The first mayor of Ush was named Leonardo Rio, who was a close friend of Count Foruzio and Gilberto in the past.

Episode 15: Armonia, 1st Holy War

 Armonia 1st Holy War

After the death of Lord Gilberto Granado, Count Fruzzio has been in charge of Coimbra. But the last words that Lord Gilberto Granado had left made Counter Forussio Began distrust in the country of Vespanola And trying to find out what happened at that time, Mori, the former high-ranking leader of the Strata Vista, sent a letter to Count Forucci about some concerns raised at Armo. Nia Count Forussio reported the matter to Strata Vista, which Strata Vista was already afraid of Abyss, agreed to let Foruzio take a quick survey.

 Pastor Dilos Latem

When Forussio arrived He met Archbishop Dilos Latem, the Pope of Armonia at the time. Lathem takes Forussio to meet Mori, the former supreme leader of Strata Vista, and is the only successor of Abyss’ power from the first demon god Okurus. Mori said he had felt some vices lately. And the emblem of the Abyss is becoming more and more clear, something must have happened in Armonia. Foruszio conducts an expedition with Mori and Latem. And it was found that Armonium crystals that used to be blue began to turn red. This meant that the Abyss power began to harden, soon the seal could collapse. They all tried to find a way to seal the Abyss once more before it’s too late.

Foruszio sends the case to Strata Vista and urges the organization to find a way to deal with it. The organization had the opinion that from the war in the Land of the Dead it would be possible to create a weapon with divine power to fight the Abyss power. The Strata Vista has mobilized highly skilled blacksmiths to create weapons and armor with divine power.

But at that moment, Mori’s sister, Sera, now the holy nun of the church, learned of the awakening of Abyss and spoke to Mori that she should keep the records in order if Something went wrong and they both died so that someone would continue. Even though Mori didn’t want her sister to think in a pessimistic way, she had to admit that the two of them had immortal powers. Sera used her energy to insert her necklace, so that if one could make the necklace glow, that person would be suitable as a new holy woman. Mori wrote all the records about Abyss’ power. He prays not to let the children He inherited the power of the Abyss like him because at the end of the day was suffering.

 Armonia Ar Postadelo Great command center

But fate is often not as expected Abyss Seal Shattered The gates of Hell opened again. The Demon Army has come out of Hell. Armonia’s Paladins came to the fore in the battle against the Abyss, with Foruszio leads the army. Father Dilos was the support. Pastor Dilos Latem ordered the camp to be camped on the grounds. Ar Postadelo Which established a large command center Archbishop Dilos Latem had used armonium as an ingredient in holy water to build boundaries, defend and heal people, but the Abyssal Army’s presence could not last long. Very

Sera came to see Mori. She knew what to do in this situation. Contaminated armonium made Abyss stronger. The only way to cleanse the armonium tainted with the power of the Abyss is to sacrifice her life to create a huge armonium crystal in front of the Gate of Abyss. The Abyss will be sealed again. However, Mori disagreed because if Sera gave up her life, it meant that she would never be born again. Vera’s soul would fall into Abyss hell forever. But Sera insists that it is the only way and that she will give up her life to save the people of this world.

Mori thought it was probably time.He had been on this earth for a long time and agreed to help his sister. Mori has Father Dilos Latem take the family to safety and hides the truth because he fears that if the war is over, he with Abyssal powers will be dangerous. Slatem pledges to take good care of the Mori family. Sera has chosen a new holy woman. An orphan girl named Onella can make Sera’s beads glow. She had him talked to the young girl alone, after which she made an announcement. Onella is the new holy girl.

 Large armonium crystals

Mori and Zera traveled to Armonia Arpostadelo He sent a signal for Forussio to retreat. When the Force of Forussio returned All respected the two who gave their lives to save Armonia and the world. Before leaving, Mori left his records to Forussio to look after. Mori used the Abyss to expel the Abyss to protect her sister until she reached the border. El Tempo in front of the gates of the Abyss It took Sera to sacrifice his life, so Mori opened the last barrier because the Abyss’ power had completely absorbed his lifespan. In the end, Sera’s body was sacrificed and transformed into a large crystal. At the door of the Abyss The power of light has successfully sealed the Abyss Gate.

 Navas The Succubus

Their souls fell into the abyss of Abyss. But Okurus had predicted what had happened that the Prophes’ children would have to die if the war happened again. Okurus left some of his powers to help because he didn’t want his best friend’s children to suffer in this abyss. Mori’s soul was returned to the human world and was fused with the diary Mori wrote, becoming the demon who recorded Abyss history. The Book of Bible And exist to guide humans in the future abyss war As for Sera Became a dream-devourer Navas The Succubus And let her secretly help the humans, but Okurus’ power is insufficient. That made the memories of the couple disappear, but both had a duty as Okuras had directed.

 The Book of Bible

To hide the story that happened Strata Vista intervened and ordered a new Armonian church to be built. Built on the seal of the gates of Abyss And gave Archbishop Dilos Latem kept an eye on the situation. For the council, Forussio has returned to report what happened. At that moment, the Divine Weapon was complete and was named Armonia by the name of the city However, after Forussio examined the weapon, it was discovered that it was made of armonium ore. Strata Vista was unlikely to find this mineral anywhere other than Armonia. Fortressio has grown distrust of Strata and has been waiting for an opportunity to counter Strata Vista ever since.

Episode 16: The Three Year War, Bristia vs Vespanola, Beginning Chapter

Year 1515, Count Forazzio Espada died. After Gilberto’s death, Granado made Count Forucci. Distrusted by the Strata Vista organization and began to distance himself. Counter Forussio Began to gather people and secretly plan to cooperate with the Violent Ocean. But Montoro and Hernandez realized that Count Forussio was starting to distance himself and to betray the organization. So they poisoned the food of Count Forussio while on his way to congratulate Leonardo in Ush when he arrived in Ush. Counter Forussio Got to know about the plan to assassinate with poison in food Counter Forzzio then made the scene that he had eaten poison and died. In order for no one to doubt what had happened, he shared his power to his loyal disciples and followers. For future power Everyone who gets the power calls this Fortressio’s legacy News of Count Forussio’s death spread all around. Vespanola countries claim the right to rule the continent. Granadoespada In total, solely

 Arch Duke Philippe Lord Philippe Chief 10 nobles

Year 1516 announced the appointment of 10 nobles of Vespanola. To show the power and glory of the Vespanola country According to the suggestion of the Arch Duke Philippe, 10 nobles of Vespanola were appointed. Which is the greatest and most talented person of the country Vespanola by the 10 nobles are as follows

  • Archduke Philippe Lord Philippe Chief 10 nobles
  • Hernandez, the greatest magician of Vespanola
  • Montoro, the Necromancer
  • Baroness Novia Elemental Enchanted Magician
  • Count Cortes, mage, ancient magician
  • Lord Ortega Furuholan, General of Vespanola
  • Grandis, the Great Explorer Queen
  • Gentlemen, Punch
  • Intelligent Alchemist Dr. Fernando Torch
  • Golem Supervisor Dr Urik Arnes

AD 1516, the beginning of the war The country of Britia, led by General Cleze at the time, knew about the death of Gilberto and Fozzio and their claim to rule the new continent of Vespanola did not agree. Because Gilberto Granado was originally a Britian The country of Bristol should also be involved in governing this continent. Several diplomatic negotiations occurred between Bristol and Vespanola, but this did not work out.

 Grandis after coming to a new continent

A.D. 1516, Grandis perceives the truth Arch Duke Philippe has been with Grandis for many years. But one day he hopes to use Grandis, who is close to the Queen Esperanza and can get close to the Queen. In the assassination of the Queen so that the Arch Duke Philippe will reign in the throne. Grandis was shocked at what Arch Duke Philippe ordered himself to do. She refused to betray the Queen and Vespanola. A battle arose. Grandis, not wanting to fight with his loved ones, fled to a new continent. She came to Kludz. Who are the closest friends and have fought together Grandis decided to stay on a new continent and explore the continent with the Queen’s intentions. At that time she was pregnant with her child Arch Duke Philippe.

AD 1519: The Three Years’ War Begins The diplomatic negotiations between Bristol and Vespanola were broken. The country of Britia launched an attack on the Vespanola. War between Bristia and Vespanola Fight each other for a long time until being called the 3-year war

1519 Year 1 War between Bristia and Vespanola The three-year war has begun with the leader of the country Bristia, led by Commander Clise. The key people who participated in this war were Commander General Edua Oh, Hinggiz and Selva Spies, Colonel Raymon Bier and Major Gracia Hinggiz Intelligence Department Captain Heran and Lieutenant Grace Benel Science Department Dr. Hart and Jack Sally On the country side, Vespanola, the war’s leader, is Sir Lyndon, with support from the 10 nobles, the key people of the Vespanola side who participated in the war are as follows. Commander Kerith Lindon and Ortega Furuholan Sichat Military Army Led by General Reynolds Which is an independent army, not directly against any unit except Queen Esperanza Even with a stronger combat power But the water war was lost in a terrible way, as the nation of Britain had more expertise in maritime combat than any other country and hired pirates to join the fight for a splendid compensation.

 Novia Demon Form

AD 1519, the Snow Queen Novia After Foruszio disappeared. Monteiro saw it as a good opportunity to travel to a new continent in search of power in a new continent, according to the legend of the books of Stata Vista, Montoro, Novia and Count of Cortes. Go to a new continent The next scene is to investigate the new continent if the post-war riot occurs when the 3 arrives, Cortes asks to leave as he is interested in the Land of Giants. Which is a mysterious land in a new continent Montoro and Novia found it difficult to find a land that was not on the map, choosing to go to a land in the northern part of the continent, the land belonging to the legendary Stata Vista.

Upon reaching the northern part of the snow-covered continent Novia and Monteiro meet Elmoc, the King of the Snowfield. A battle arose While Elmoc was fighting Montoro. Novia had met Sayul’s Crystal, and because he was an Elemental Magician, he had successfully used the opportunity to enchant Sayul on himself and draw power from Elmoc. But with too much power she couldn’t control. Novia transformed into a half-man, half-devil. Human consciousness has disappeared, and there is only one thing left: revenge. She built a castle made of snow. And use the power obtained to cause a cold in the land Novia intends to use his strength to make the year winter forever. Montoro saw that he could not help but escape. The land of ice continued to expand. Fortressio legacy owners decide to use their power to build a magic barrier to defend against Novia’s magic power. That wall was named Walls of Forussio But with Novia’s mighty power, the wall could not last long. Inverno knew that it all happened to Novia. His former lover decided Travel to the land where Novia was alone to deal with it.

Inverno comes up to Novia in the snow castle. He begged Novia to stop what he was doing. But with his great resentment, Novia was no longer a human being. Inverno decided to use the power he had gained from Foruzzio. Draws some of Novia’s power and seals it in the necklace he had received from Novia. Causing Novia to weaken And he used the rest of his powers to imprison Novia inside the snow castle. The expansion of the ice land stopped. Inverno felt that It was his fault for making Novia like this. So he decided to stay alone in the snow country to watch the seal that had held Novia ever since.

 Montoro Demon Form

AD 1519, Necromancer Montoro Montoro saw the power of Novia. Was so excited by that power, he set out on a journey to find power Until Monteiro met A cave in the deep central continent Montoro met The power of death and it has taken possession of it. Until finally he became the master of death and immortal life. But that power, Monteiro had to exchange himself as a demon. With that he is a lover of beauty Unable to accept his identity as an ugly demon, Montoro was dissatisfied and wanted an immortal life that was eternal beauty. He met Monte and fought. Montoro, who was still unable to control his powers, fled, but he had met Grandis. It wanted the strength and beauty of Grandis that fascinated the Arch Duke Philippe. So they collected Grandis’ blood from the battle to try

 Colonel Raymon / Raven

AD 1520, the steward of Pellom Raven Castle. The war between Vespanola and Bristia enters year two, but Vespanola is still unable to win the country of Bristol. Montoro, who had seen Dr. Torch’s research o Tides, had the idea of ​​creating a powerful magic weapon. But he asked for human trials The Vespanola nobles, fearing losing the war and losing everything, secretly agree with Monte. Montoro builds the Jakuin Prison on the Jacques Territory, in front of the nobles telling the Queen to incarcerate the Vespanola and the new continent. But in fact, Monteiro will use it for human trials.

Montoro traveled to Pellom Castle on Wiron Island. The island of Vespanola Which Pellom Castle originally belonged to Hernandez He had access to various information of Hernandez. To create magical weapons during a time when the prison of Jacques was not finished. There he also met Hernandez’s Homuncrus creation research. Montoro then began to think of making Grandis out of her blood.

The country of Bristol The news line there was informed about the movement of Montero on Wiron Island. Colonel Raymond Feeling an anomaly, decided to go in disguise to investigate the place by himself. He disguises himself as Raven and explores places, but finds no anomaly.Raven travels to sneak into Pellom Castle. But made a mistake that was caught by Monteiro With skill that is skillful, hard to find anyone can catch And with a handsome face Causing Montoro did not kill him who knew the secret Raven is cursed to serve Montoro. And to be the butler of Pellom Castle Since Monteiro cannot go anywhere because he has a demon form. Raven is cursed not to talk about Monteiro’s secrets and unable to leave Wiron Island. Colonel Raymonbier then disappeared, leaving only The only steward of Pellom Raven Castle.

 Milky Way Grace

AD 1520, the Secret Service of Grace Grace, the snipers of intelligence Half-bristles and targas She is based in the intelligence agency of the country of Bristol. But she doesn’t often rub Heran. Her commander Grace was a white haired guy who always had long hair and two braids, but instead she was ordered by Heran. Went to investigate the news at a Tahar camp in Bristol Suspected to be a spy for Vespanola Everyone objected, as Grace’s white hair was so eye-catching, unable to spy on anyone. But Grace was not interested. She took that order She cut her hair short and wore a camouflage hat. And was able to successfully spy while capturing the hostile as well But the haircut on both sides was quite traumatic for her. Because she had that braid Comes from the last words of my father and mother that She has beautiful hair like the light of the Milky Way. She was nicknamed Milky Way Grace From spying at that time But she couldn’t work with Herann any more. She resigned from intelligence and moved to work in the intelligence agency. The missing colonel Raymond She was given a job to investigate the new continent. That made you never meet Heran again. Heran felt sorry for what had happened. And intend to make up for what happened to Grace if we met

 Dr. Phant Mothier

A.D. 1521 Dr. Phant Mothier The Jaquine Prison was completed. Inmates from Vespanola were sent to the prison. Dr. Fantmothier was named a researcher to supervise the behavior of the prisoners. But when he arrived, he was cursed by Montoro as a servant and gave Conducting human experiments to research about otide energy, Dr. Fant seems to be in the deep of the experiment. Causing him to get the side of the cutting board from the experiment Dr. Fant has become a living zombie. However, it was not long before Montoro had successfully found a method by using the energy of human anger into magic energy. Montoro plans to build a cannon that can hold this power and deliver a plan. The creators of Dr. Torch and Dr. Uric both agreed to build the war to end the war without knowing it. How serious will the consequences be?

Episode 17: The Three Year War, Bristia vs Vespanola, Conclusion

 Adelina pirate

AD 1521: Devil of the Sea, Pirates of Adelina The country of Bristol has hired many pirates in the war. One of them is the Dospalais pirates headed by Adelina. It is said to have great skill, nicknamed The Kraken, the devil of the sea. The officer of Bristol, Fernando, has negotiated her participation in the fight against Vespanola. She agreed, because her mother’s last words to be careful with the Vespanola had already made her hate the country, and the two fought in the war until it became love.

Time passed, thanks to Adelina’s mastery of sea combat. Terrifying the country of Vespanola Vespanola hires Bardy Benito and Guillermo, the crew of the Dospalese group, to betray her for big money. At that time Adelina was pregnant and she was betrayed and attacked Fernando to protect Adelina until her death. As a result of the battle, Adelina was seriously injured and miscarried. She was rescued by Ricardo, the captain of the Dos Palais. He escaped Adelina to a new continent. The resurrected Adelina mourns the death of her son and husband. She became a lifeless person. Only Ricardo took care of her. Which was because Ricardo Nan had a secret crush on Adelina from the beginning

 Eduardo, Selva and Gracia

AD 1521: Eduardo, Selva and Gracia invade the Jacques prison. Edua, Oh and Selva, feeling suspicious in the new continent’s Jaquin Prison, the two agree to explore the prison. Gracia worried about her brother and Selva. Therefore asked to travel to follow along with all 3 raids to the prison of Jacques However, being caught by Monteiro, a battle arose, but the three were unable to fight against Montoro with the power of demons, and Selva failed to be caught by Monroe’s curse, causing her hands to become zombie Edua, oh, doesn’t look good. And to protect Own lover and brother Therefore fought himself to open up an escape route Selva and Gracia Selva refuses to flee and fights Edua Oh to death, but is escaped by Gracia.

The entrance to the Jaquin Prison is closed. Selva was devastated about what had happened and fell out. Gracia asks for help to the former Simon for the love he had attended. Which is now a nobleman at Vespanola Simon then found a place to hide for Selva and Gracia on the new continent. Gracia decides to protect Selva instead of his brother, but inside of that, he secretly loves Selva, who has been a longtime boyfriend of his brother.

 Dr. Torch and Dr. Urik firing a magic cannon.

AD 1521 Magic Cannon Dr. Torch and Dr. Urik Invented a magic cannon for the country of Vespanola to remember successfully. The artillery was carried by a small fleet called Barelius. The country of Britia sends an entire fleet of warships to the waters of Barelius, hoping to end this three-year war in which the British army leader is General Cleise. But at that size, the country of Vespanola was desperate. The Barelius was small and carried only a giant cannon. Began a riot and shoots out into the Bristia fleet. More than half of the fleet was destroyed in the blink of an eye. A small town on the border in Bristia, where the energy of the cannons falls. Was completely destroyed.

 General Cleise gave the white flag to give up the war.

Dr. Torch and Dr. Urik Seeing the firing of the magic cannon, it felt a great sense of guilt. Where their experiments are used to destroy the lives of great numbers The incident caused terror to both the British and Vespanola soldiers. But all the Bris soldiers were ready to die on duty, even after losing the war. But General Cleise did not want to see the people of the country die again. He gave up his white flag and declared his surrender to the war. Eventually the war between Bristol and Vespanola ended. The country of Vespanola therefore has the sole right to occupy the continent of Granada Espada. Including the country of Britia has become a catastrophic loser of this war.

 Neo, one of the soldiers rescued during the 3-year war.

After the war, General Reynolds assisted a variety of wounded soldiers from both Bristia and Vespanola, ignoring the nobles’ objections. The sincerity that General Reynolds had to offer therefore abandoned his army and joined in large numbers of General Reynolds’ Sichart troops. The Queen therefore ordered the Sichat Army to be an independent army, independent of anyone in Vespanola (Incidentally, there was a soldier who lost his right arm as a result of this war. Become one of the top commanders of the Sichart regiment called Neo.)

Episode 18: The Corridor of Modern Explorers

 Simon Aguent, Regent of Esperanza Queen of Granada, Espada

After the 3-year war, the Queen Esperanza ordered a meeting with the nobles about the rulership. Many nobles wanted to become governors in various territories, but the intervention of 10 the nobles of Vespanola gave them the courage to protest Which has been divided according to this

  1. Territory of Granado Espada In the first place, Sir Lyndon was named to rule, but the Queen saw that Sir Lyndon’s rulership could upset the evacuated explorers despite the new continent. People of the whole country of Bristol and Vespanola were present. The Queen then appointed Simon Agent, the nobleman and ambassador of Vespanola, to be the regent for Queen Esperanza for the continent of Granada Espada.
  2. The country of bristia that lost the war and became colonized by Vespanola. The Queen, however, made General Reynolds, who was the commander of the Sichat Army as Regent That is to hope for General Reynolds to build better relations between Bristol and Vespanola.
  3. In the archipelago, 10 nobles of Vespanola were assigned to manage to find a regent.

 Kurt Lyndon

After this big meeting, Verlindon was very upset. But it could not be against the will of Queen Esperanza. Sirlindon then accused his son Kurt. Lyndon, who was unable to do well during the 3-year war. A fight becomes violent and Kurt learns the truth that he is the child that Sir Lyndon raised. Kurt is ordered to kill Sir Lyndon’s hostile nobles, but he disagrees that way.On that night Kurt and his gang fled the country of Vespanola to a new continent.

Applications for new explorers to explore the territory of Granado Espada have begun to be recruited, which has attracted a lot of attention, but the danger is extremely dangerous after expeditions to the new continent. Exploring alone is too poor. Vespanola therefore made a rule that the expedition must be organized into a team consisting of three teams to register for a new continent.

 The new explorers

Fighters, warriors and soldiers in a Vespanola country seeking to challenge fame and fortune. After the war, there were many warriors who were interested in many new continents. The reputation of Count Forussio exploring the new continent has inspired many warriors who want to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers.

Musketier, a random soldier shot at Vespanola. As a military unit with good ties to the Bristians and the Targas, personally, it was seldom agreed in that 3-year war because some of this unit came from. Royal Cadet Academy of the country of Bristol itself. He was interested in the new continent because he disliked Vespanola’s rulership and approach, and hoped that the new continent’s land would bring about a peaceful way of coexistence as it did at the time. Count Forussio joins forces with Lord Gilberto to explore a new continent from the past.

A mage wizard inherited from Vespanola’s elite. Who have high self-confidence and a strong commitment to power Exploring the new continent, they saw that it was only for their interest and wanted to build a reputation for themselves and their family. It also sees that exploring the continent of Granado Espada, which is a colony of Vespanola. Creating a power base on a new continent would be a good idea to become an aristocrat and an important person to the country in the near future.

Wallok, a mage who descended from the country of Opto Set out on a journey to gain fame and discover five great powers to become the most famous mage and a chance to become a noble in Vespanola. In addition, the Wallock, which is directly descended from the country of OPertos, can often hear the legend of the mysterious power hidden in this new continent, whose power, if one is possessed, will have a power without. The limit, as well as being able to control the magic power of the 3 elements as you wish, was another reason Wallock wanted to join the team to explore the new territory this time.

A multi-talented scout, military and support unit. It was considered to be the person most wanted by Explorers to join the team. In most cases, becoming a military ambulance requires a great deal of learning as well as surviving in disasters, so Scout is one of the few. Very much compared to other pioneers For the most part, the Scout itself is hired with money or reputation for joining the survey team. And very few people have joined the expedition team because they want to adventure in this new continent.

 Edua Hinggis

Kurt Lyndon arrives on a new continent with his intimate escaped soldiers and begins to gather people into a group. Both have escaped from war They have no shelter Or those who were declared arrested At that moment, he comes to the aid of some of the inmates at Jacques Prison and meets Eduardo Hinggis. But he was so skilled, Kurt accepted Eduardo into the team. They all escaped and settled in the old, abandoned port. Soon the people of the new continent called that area the land of the killers.

 Grandis and Kludz

Grandis is pregnant with the child of Archduke Philippe. But she was afraid that the child in the womb would be dangerous. With that heavy stress, her hair started to turn from red to white. Grandis had no choice but to ask Kludz, his best friend and fellow combatant, to help. Cludz, who had pity for Grandis, and he used to love her. Pledge to take good care of your children like their own But she had to make a promise that after this child was born, she would never meet her child again. To prevent danger After that time has passed until maturity. Grandis gave birth to a baby girl. Kludz named the child Claire. Which is a name that combines Grandis and Kludz Shortly after Grandis continued to explore the depths of the continent, following the footsteps of Forussio. And have not met Cludz and Claire since then.

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